Taylor Martin - Employee Spotlight

We want to welcome Taylor Martin as the newest member of the Evolve Spa + Boutique family. Taylor was born and raised in the Eagle Valley, she is fresh off her college career where she was offered both an academic and athletic scholarship for basketball. Taylor is pursuing her career in aesthetics and is super passionate about learning everything about the business. Her attention to detail and dedication to the trade is top-notch. Let's learn more about Taylor...

What Services Do You Offer At Evolve?

I offer facials (including microdermabrasion, dermaplan, and chemical peels), waxing, brow and lash tints, and eye lash extensions.

What Schooling Did You Have?

For my aestetics schooling, I went to the Denver School of Botanical & Medical aesthetics. I got certified for lash extensions at Lash Blvd in Denver.

When Are You Available?

  • Monday: 10am – 3pm
  • Tuesday: 1pm – 7pm
  • Thursday: 10am – 1pm

Favorite Part About Working At Evolve?

My favorite part about working at Evolve Spa + Boutique is the people. I love working under Alisa and with the other aestheticians at the spa, I learn so much from them every day. I enjoy the spa because I am constantly meeting new people as well as seeing people I already know.

Describe Your Perfect Day At Work?

A perfect day at work for me would be staying busy with appointments and offering a variety of services. It’s always nice to change things up throughout the day.

Favorite Quote?

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” -C.S. Lewis

Health, Beauty, Skin, Wellness Tips?

  • Wear sunscreen everyday no matter hwat the weather is
  • Never go to bed with your make up on
  • Always keep your skin moisturized and hydrated (drink lots of water)
  • My favorite at home face mask consists of honey, plain yogurt, and strawberries. It works wonders.